Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay by credit card or can I pay after I receive the books?

There are several payment options available. You may pay either with credit card or by check after you have received your monthly shipment of books. You may also sign up to pay for every shipment using your credit card. Please contact Customer Service to learn more.

Where do I find my account number?

You can find your account number in the top right corner of your monthly statement.

Do you take payment over the phone?

Yes – we accept Visa or MasterCard. Please call 1-800-873-8635 between 8am and 5:30pm EST (Mon-Fri) and one of our Customer Service representatives will be happy to help.

Can I make payments online?

Yes! We accept both Visa and MasterCard payments online. Simply click “My Account” and follow the simple instructions provided.

Can I pay for a subscription for a relative?

Unfortunately, no. Please ask your relative to contact Customer Service.

What do I do if my credit card payment fails?

We are not able to send the books you have ordered until your credit card information is updated in our records. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-873-8635 with any necessary changes.


How often will I receive books?

It’s up to you! You can choose to receive your books monthly or bi-monthly.

How do I change my subscription?

To change the series you are subscribed to or the number of books you receive each month, please contact our friendly Customer Service representatives and they will be happy to assist you.

Do I have to purchase a certain amount of books?

No – You are not obligated to purchase a certain number of books and you may cancel your subscription(s) at any time.

Can I receive books from more than one series?

Yes, you can subscribe to as many series as you choose. Click here to view all of the available series.

Can I switch to a different series of books?

Yes – Contact our Customer Service representatives at 1-800-873-8635 and they will be happy to assist you.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel at any time by contacting our friendly Customer Service representatives or by returning your latest shipment with the invoice marked “Cancel”.

What can I do on the “My Account” page?

You can review your order history, manage your payments and update your address on the My Account page.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Our friendly Customer Service team is available by email at, by mail at P.O. Box 9049, Buffalo NY 14269-9049 (in the U.S.) or P.O. Box 603, Fort Erie ON L2A 5X3 (in Canada), or by phone at 1-800-873-8635 Monday – Friday 8am to 5:30pm EST.

Why should I join?

Enjoy automatic delivery of great books directly to your home every month, guaranteed savings with our insider discounts, and your choice of some of the world’s most popular Romance, Suspense and Inspirational novels. Plus, we’ll send you 2 Free Books and a Free Mystery Gift just for trying the Harlequin Reader Service! Click here to learn more.

Do I need to register to access “My Account” online?

Yes, but registering is quick and easy! To register, click Sign In/Register on the “My Account” page. You’ll be sent to, where all of the Harlequin Reader Service member accounts are hosted. If you would like to sign up for a new account, simply click on “Create Account” under the New to Harlequin section and follow the instructions.


Where can I get a list of all the titles in my series?

Please contact our Customer Service representatives for a list of available titles.

When will my favorite author’s next book be out?

Please contact Customer Service for a list of upcoming books by your favorite authors, or refer to the Harlequin website and search for your favorite author’s name to see any upcoming titles.

A book I want is currently out of stock. Will it be reissued?

Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-873-8635 to check on availability.

Which series are available in Larger Print and True Large Print?

Our Larger Print editions have type that’s about 20% larger than the regular editions, while the True Large Print format comes in a trade paperback edition, with font that’s about 50% larger than the regular editions. To see all of our Larger Print and True Large Print products, visit the Larger Print Books page.

Which series are available in ebook format?

Many of our series are available in ebook format through the website. Click here to learn about our ebook subscriptions.


What kind of Free Gifts do you give to your Members?

We appreciate our members and we love to send them wonderful gifts like scarves, jewelry, home decor items, and of course – more books!

If I cancel my subscription do I have to return the Free Gifts?

The Free Books and Gifts are yours to keep no matter what you decide about the Harlequin Reader Service!

Why do I receive Free Gifts?

The Free Books and Gifts are a token of our appreciation and are given away to introduce readers to the fun and convenience of the Harlequin Reader Service. Although we hope that you’ll want to continue in the Harlequin Reader Service, accepting the free books and gifts places you under no obligation to buy anything from us, ever!


How much are Bonus Bucks worth?

The Bonus Bucks have no monetary value and can only be used to redeem items from our Bonus Bucks catalogs.

How do I redeem my Bonus Bucks?

Each of your monthly shipments will include a Bonus Bucks Catalog, which features current titles from all series and formats including Larger Print and True Large Print. Simply complete the order form attached to the catalog and return it with the required number of Bonus Bucks and $3.25 for shipping and handling for the first four books, plus $0.50 for each additional book. Didn’t receive your monthly Bonus Bucks Catalog? Click here.

How often is the Bonus Books catalog updated?

You’ll receive a brand new Bonus Bucks Catalog in each of your monthly shipments, featuring the latest books across all series and formats including Larger Print and True Large Print. To view the latest catalog online or to print a Bonus Bucks order form click here.

How do I receive Bonus Bucks?

You’ll receive a Bonus Buck (or two!) in every shipment from the Harlequin Reader Service.